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XERO – Beautiful Accounting Software


Are you in the market for new accounting software? Would it be helpful to access your financial data wherever you are? If you’re like me, you’re constantly on the go and often times need to access your company’s books while on the road, while in another office, even while on vacation. There are several cloud-based accounting products that have been introduced to the market in the last few years. The earlier products were clumsy and didn’t offer the same breadth of product features and tools that their desktop counterparts offered. That’s quickly changing with some of the newer and better cloud-based accounting products such as XERO! And now, for a limited time, you can get 30% off for the first six months of a new XERO subscription by using promo code XERO30.

It’s Almost Tax Time

It’s that time of year!!! Are all your books in order for 2016? If not, it’s about time you start making plans for how you’re going to get your bookkeeping in tip top shape. Whether you want to try and tackle it on your own or outsource the task to a trusted professional, KMJ Accounting Services is able to help you achieve your goal. We offer many services to help you save money on accounting & tax services and to get you maximum tax savings. We provide QuickBooks training for those who would like to maintain your company’s books yourself. If you’ve already entered most of your banking transactions, let us do a quick review before handing off your financials to your CPA. This will save you money by not having to pay CPA rates for bookkeeping services and it will allow your tax preparer to focus on maximizing your tax savings instead of chasing down paperwork and fixing bookkeeping mistakes. If you’d rather focus your time and effort on your business and passion and leave the accounting to someone else, we can handle that too! Contact us today while there’s still plenty of time before tax season!!!!

Now that tax season is over

Are you a relatively new small business owner? Do you need to find a bookkeeper in the Ventura or Los Angeles area? KMJ Accounting Services is currently taking on new bookkeeping clients. Are you not sure where to begin? There is no need to worry. We offer a free 2-hour consultation to discuss what your needs are, what documentation you need to gather and we will walk you through the process! We even offer remote bookkeeping services. Or, due to budgetary constraints, do you want to try tackling the bookkeeping yourself but need some guidance? We can assist with that too. We offer one-on-one training on various accounting programs such as QuickBooks, Quicken & Peachtree/SAGE to name just a few. Contact us today for your free 2-hour consultation. 805-755-6700 or